Stigma prodigy tattoo machine manual

Prodigy Stigma- Rotary® is a world leader in the manufacturing of high quality rotary machines. We produce machines with revolutionary technology to make manual artists lives easier. The Amen tattoo machine is an exceptional new machine designed by Stigma- Rotary® that gives tattoo artists unparalleled prodigy control while they work. We strongly recommend using a high end power supply and high end cables to run your Stigma- Rotary® machine.

Stigma Prodigy Rotary Tattoo Machines. Type: Stigma Hyper V3. The Amen machine features a new hex drive system that allows tattoo artists to change between three different strokers to alter the motor' s cycle.

The Hyper V3 also features both RCA and clip cord connection for maximum convenience and is a good all- stigma prodigy tattoo machine manual rounder machine. Stigma Rotary Tattoo Machine Gun for Tattoo Kit 10w Motor M648- 1 Black Color. This top tattoo machine now has a stigma new concept, a new round external piston causes minimal friction on the drive system, the motor and the engine is running more freely and cooler. Each autoclavable Stigma Prodigy has a control thumbscrew at the top of stigma prodigy tattoo machine manual the machine that' s used to make give adjustments, a needle bar stabilizer that eliminates the need for rubber bands. Aircraft stigma prodigy tattoo machine manual Alu Rotary Tattoo Machine Gun Stigma Prodigy Motor Clip Cord NEW USA.

Our machines offer maximum performance and achieve optimal results in lining, color packing, shading, blending, and layering. The Stigma Prodigy rotary tattoo machine gives tattoo artists endless options with its ultimate adjustable stigma give system. An instruction manual is included to help you set up your new machine.